Our Humble Beginnings

  • Our Humble Beginnings
  • Our Humble Beginnings
  • Our Humble Beginnings
    We started as an agent way back 2017 through various traders and gained experiece and knowledge about different non metallic minerals until mid 2018 we saw an oppurtunity to local silica sand. A year later SilicaSandPh Silica Sand Trading was born and today we strive to be the leading silica sand supplier through out the country.

    Our Mission

    We seek to provide top notch product with sustainability and contribute community development.

    Our Vision

    Is to be the leading supplier of silica sand and quartz in the whole country. Our ambition goes beyond financial status and size; starting with safety and extending to all disciplines.

    (02) 8260 5269
    0925 5-SILICA
    (0925 5-745422)

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