Sand Infill

Sand Infill

Are you looking for the best infill for your artificial turf? Then look no further. If there's a type of infill that you want to use on your artificial turf especially on your artificial grass then it should be silica sand, why? Heres the list.

  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Non Toxic
  • and last but not the least, AFFORDABLE!

and aside from the list above we also added our own specification so you would definitely enjoy that savings rather than buying those expensive infills.

  • Uniformly Graded
  • Double Washed
  • Dust Free

Importance Of Sand Infill

Artificial turf or grass or synthetic turf or grass or whatever you call it should have infill as it extends the life of the turf and giving the grass a fuller look far outweigh. Like in real grass, blades are held up in place by water and nutrients being sent upward from the roots. With artificial grass, on the other hand, infill must be used to mimic this process and hold artificial blades standing upright. It also prevent the backing system from rippling and eventually keep the turf in place. It also keeps the turf cool as the layer reflects the heat.
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RW20 - Mesh 20 to 30
  • Product Name:
  • SiO2:
    < 96.9%
  • Type:
    Natural Sand
  • Color:
    Off-white / Beige (W)
  • Shape:
  • Grain Size:
    0.6mm to 0.8mm

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question and can't find the answer pls. do not hesitate to contact us.
Do you offer FOB barge?
Port of Manila only.
Do you require downpayment?
Yes, we do require at least 50% downpayment.
What is your maximum order?
We can provide as much as what you require pls. contact us.
Is the price negotiable?
Price varies on size, grade, quantity or any other requirement needed for the silica sand another factor is the location where the merchandize will be delivered.
Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, within Metro Manila & Selected Provinces
What payment method(s) do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque, credit card payments through Paypal and Bank deposit / transfer.
Do you offer exportation?
Pls. send us your proposal.

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